STABILA – A story of useful products through ingenuity

Good tools – good work

Spirit level Type R 300

Precise measurement is one of the most important fundamentals of manual work. It is therefore important that professionals are able to completely rely on the accuracy of their measuring tools. In any weather and in the harshest construction site conditions. Tough, durable and accurate tools which are easy to use. STABILA designs and produces measuring equipment of this calibre. And has done so since 1889.

The objective of our staff is to maintain the position of the STABILA brand as the world’s best and most innovative manufacturer of measuring tools. This is a highly dynamic process in which we primarily make use of two factors – the continuously expanding needs of craftsmen on the one hand and advances in measuring and production technology on the other.

Our internationally aware product managers are therefore in regular contact with users. Ideas and suggestions originating on the construction sites are incorporated into our product development where they are assessed by specialist engineers from the widest possible range of disciplines and transformed into product innovations.

Our products are distinguished by permanent accuracy, optimal handling qualities and attractive design.

Good tools – good work