Point and line lasers

Precise and quick marking and transfer. Point and line lasers are suitable for the interior if work is to take place on a visible line or a point. The compact instruments can easily be carried with their belt pouches and all have a working area of up to 30 m. For line lasers with pulsed laser lines, the working area can be extended significantly by using a line receiver.

LA 180L Layout Station with Auto Alignment
  • Self-Leveling, servo controlled, fully automatic levelling. Indoor/Outdoor use. Auto Alignment: Push -button operation to align axis and layout rectangular spaces over long distances. Projects two right angles, three vertical lines, and one horizontal/level line. Designed to set up over corners. Accuracy tolerance: will not exceed 1/8in at 100ft. Working range with receiver: 300ft
LA 90L Layout Station, Manual Alignment
  • Self-Leveling, servo controlled, fully automatic levelling. Indoor/Outdoor use. Manual Alignment: The laser pivots precisely left and right with dial adjustment. Projects: Right angle and one level line, plumb point down and plumb up is clearly indicated by the intersection of the vertical lines. Laser is designed to be used over corners. Accuracy tolerance: Will not exceed an 1/8in at 100ft
LAX 400 Multi-Line 360 Laser
  • LAX 400 multi-line laser, self-leveling. Very bright, crisp laser lines and plumb down dot. 360 degree solid level line. Two vertical lines positioned to create a 90 degree angle on the floor wall and ceiling. Manual alignment fine adjustment knob pivots the right angle left and right with excellent control. The laser housing has a 5/8-11 female tripod connection.
LAX 300G Green Beam Line/Dots Laser
  • Self-levelling compact laser with Green lines and plumb dots. Laser lines are especially bright and sharp to ensure accuracy while working. Wide-angle effect provides optimum room coverage in the vertical direction. For levelling work at a distance of up to 90'. Compact rotatable housing with extendable foot for height adjustment. High stability framing base positions laser over bottom plates.
LAX 300 Cross Line plus Plumb Point Laser
  • Self-levelling compact laser features thin, sharp crossed lines plus plumb points up and down. Integrated framing base allows tool to be placed against a bottom plate or channel, automatically transferring the plumb point up to the top plate or upper channel. Visible vertical line tracks on the ceiling behind the laser itself. Mechanical off/on switch with automatic pendulum lock.
LAX 50 G green beam cross line laser with telescopic mount
  • Green laser lines for optimum visibility. Laser lines are especially long and fine to ensure accuracy while working. For levelling work at a distance of up to 100 ft. Extremely easy to use thanks to the single-button system. Multi-purpose platform and telescopic mount for flexible positioning and attachment.
LA-5P 5 Point/Dot Laser
  • Self-levelling 5 point/dot laser with pouch, framing base, target plate, metal wall mount plate and batteries. Transfer plumb points from floor to ceiling and layout right angles/square. 5 Bright tight dots visible over 50ft. Warranty: Up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Mechanical off/on switch plus pendulum lock.