Laser accessories


REC 150 Rotating Laser Receiver with Bracket.
  • Two-sided digital display for fast work. Audio and visual guidance. Waterproof and dustproof.
REC 220 Laser Line Receiver with Bracket
  • Display on the front and LED indicator on the side for reading from any position. Audio and visual guidance. Magnet for positioning on steel objects. Waterproof and dustproof.
REC 300 Digital Rotating Laser Receiver with Bracket
  • Tough digital rotating laser receiver for accurately determining the beam position of rotation lasers with red laser diodes. Two-sided digital display for fast work. Holder for attaching to levelling rods. Numeric digital display of deviation from level. Symbols on the display indicate the position of the receiver relative to the reference plane of the laser. Audio guidance can be activated.
REC 410 Line RF Receiver for LA180L
  • AUTO ALIGNMENT: automatic control of the fine alignment for STABILA LA 180 L laser. Two-sided digital display for fast work. Visual LED guidance, Audio guidance can be activated.


BST-K Lifting Column Construction Tripods
  • Lifting column for exact positioning and air-cushioned, gentle movement of the laser. Versatile thanks to tripod legs with spikes and rotatable hard rubber shoes.

Other Accessories

Hi-Lo Elevation Rod
  • Adjustment slide for quick height determination. Bullseye level feature ensures the rod is being held plumb.
Laser Wall Mount Bracket
  • Laser wall mount bracket for positioning lasers at the desired working height. Height-adjustable >3 inches. 5/8 - 11 stud.
Rechargeable Battery Pack for LA180L
  • Can be charged while working. High-performance rechargeable battery for long periods of work. Includes 4 country-specific interchangeable adapters.
AE-LAR350 Li-ion rechargeable battery unit
  • Can be charged while working. High-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery for particularly long periods of work of up to 60 hours. Includes plug adapter with 4 country-specific adapters.