Type 80T Extendable levels

Always have the right length.


STABILA has engineered a new extendable level, The 80T. It allows its size to be extended to fit the job. That's new and helpful.

Type 80T Extendable levels

Telescopic system: flexible extension of the spirit level to extend the measuring surface.


  • Extend the length of the level – Just pull out to the length needed and lock it firmly into position.
  • As you extend the level, the marking and cutting edge is continuous along entire length – measure and mark with no interruptions.
  • The measuring surface is precision machined.
  • There are printed scales on the level's topside for accurate layout and quick set ups.
  • A manual lock system tightens the entire system up when you are in position. Click and Go.
  • Red rubber feet on the backside of the level properly grip the wall you are working against. The level will not slip or leave scratches.
  • High-quality extension mechanism delivers precision – in normal position: closed, your accuracy tolerance will not exceed 1/32in over 72 inches. Extended your tolerance will not exceed 1/16in over 72 inches.
  • Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 1 plumb vial, 1 measuring surface, extendable system, 1 continuous marking and cutting edge, 1 printed metric scale.
Type 80T Extendable levels

Marking and cutting edge over full length: measure and mark at the same time.


  • For carpentry – the extendable level covers most standard dimensions of kitchen cabinets. For fitting windows and doors – work out internal dimensions and align window and door frames. For plumbing installations – install shower trays and baths in a variety of sizes.

Technical data

Measurement accuracy in normal position
±1/32in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in reverse position
±3/64in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in extended normal position
±1/16in @ 60in
Measurement accuracy in extended reverse position
±1/16in @ 60in
Number of measuring surfaces
Rectangular profile with ribs
End caps


LengthLength (from–to)EquipmentUPC BarcodeCat. #
25 in25-41 in 08963429441229441