Technical principles of STABILA's laser distance measurer

STABILA laser distance measurement technology. Design and engineering are the cornerstones of how STABILA defines new products that help building professionals solve even complex measuring problems with ease. Take our laser distance measuring program for instance. It has been developed to make the task of measuring over long distances extremely accurate and fast, which in turn saves working time and reduces labour costs.

What should you bear in mind when selecting a laser distance measurer from STABILA?

Was ist bei der Auswahl eines Laser-Entfernungsmessers von STABILA zu beachten?

There are several things you should consider. This is especially true for tradespeople who need to take measurements and draw up quotes accurately and productively to save time and money (material used, for example). If you are adding a laser distance measurer to your toolbox, you must be sure to buy the right one.


Points to consider to find the right measuring tool for your particular needs:

  1. Will I be using the measuring tool indoors, outdoors or both?
  2. Over what distances do I usually measure?
  3. Do I just need the basic measuring functions, such as distance, area and volume, or do I need a tool offering more functions?
  4. Do I need an interface for sharing the data measured?
  5. Do I want to process the measurement data directly on the tool so I can draw up a quotation at speed?
  6. How precisely do I need to measure?
Was ist bei der Auswahl eines Laser-Entfernungsmessers von STABILA zu beachten?

A compact overview of STABILA laser distance measurers, where they are used and at what distance:

A compact overview of STABILA laser distance measurers, where they are used and at what distance

The technologies inside STABILA laser distance measurers

Technische Komponenten der Laser-Entfernungsmesser

The precision measuring system: The laser distance measurer sends out a laser pulse in a narrow beam towards the target point and detects the reflection. It then measures the time between those two points, and converts this information to a distance. This calculation is done through high-end optics and precision electronic circuitry.

Controlled measurement quality: The measuring distance and accuracy of laser distance measurers are directly dependent on lighting conditions and the reflective behaviour of the target point. To ensure that measuring distance and accuracy specifications are valid under realistic building site conditions, the ISO 16331-1 standard specifies the conditions under which the given specifications for accuracy and measuring distances must be maintained. All STABILA laser distance measurers fulfil these requirements.

Kontrollierte Mess-Qualität
Digitale Zielerfassung

Digital target locator: This technology precisely locates the target point visually with the help of a built in camera which has a multiple zoom to measure over long distances. This is exceptionally useful outdoors in strong sunshine when it's hard to see the laser dot. The camera has a colour display and a high image resolution, this enables the camera to show pin-sharp images when used over long distances.


Bluetooth® technology: The integrated Bluetooth® Smart technology (4.0) allows wireless transfer of your measurement data to any mobile device.

Die App STABILA Measures

App STABILA measures: STABILA has developed a free app for your smartphone or tablet – STABILA Measures. This app enables you to produce drawings of areas, spaces and buildings, or make quick sketches by hand and dimension them directly on the screen.