LA 180 L multi-line laser

Layout work – faster and more accurate than ever before


Laying out right angles is a time-consuming job. Moreover, when measurement errors occur high follow-up costs can be the result. The LA 180 L self-levelling multi-line laser allows you to mark out 90° angles, transfer axes and datum lines fast and accurately. The REC 410 Line RF receiver controls the LA 180 L using the STABILA wireless AUTO ALIGNMENT technology. One press of a button and the laser adjusts automatically to the position of the receiver. This laser shows how STABILA answers the construction problems of today.

LA 180 L multi-line laser

AUTO ALIGNMENT: fully automatic transfer of axes and creation of right angles

Product advantages

  • Self-levelling multi-line laser for precision results – motorised controller and accuracy of ± 0.07 mm/m.
  • AUTO ALIGNMENT function: receiver automatically controls fine alignment of the laser at distances of up to 40 m – fully automatic axis transfer and creation of right angles. Precise alignment without losing the reference point – no measurement errors.
  • Pulsed laser lines for exact height measurements with the receiver (up to 100 m) indoors and outdoors.
  • Versatile: 3 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line and plumb-line function.
  • Extra sharp, easy-to-see lines for fast and efficient work directly on the laser line – measuring range up to 20 m indoors.
  • Unique housing shape for positioning in room corners and over edges (e.g. concrete slab) – rapid checking of right angles.
  • Shock-absorbing soft grip casing.
  • Extensive accessory set: small and large target plates, laser goggles and carrying case.
  • Optional: rechargeable battery unit.
LA 180 L multi-line laser

Functional housing shape – positioning in room corners and over edges (e.g. concrete slab)

Application examples

  • In metal construction – erecting metal structures in industrial building construction, aligning substructures in façade construction. In reinforced concrete construction – transferring axes from batter boards, marking walls on the foundation slab. For bricklaying – transferring axes from batter boards, marking walls on the foundation slab, marking partition walls in the basement. For carpentry – marking and aligning timber frame walls. In drywall construction – transferring layouts from the foundation slab to walls and ceilings, setting up and fixing U-profiles, setting partition walls, hanging ceilings. In plumbing and installation work – aligning pipe clips, positioning wires and heating pipes.

Technical data

Laser class
< 1 mW
Laser wavelength
635 nm
Self-levelling range +/-
Levelling accuracy +/-
0.07 mm/m
Line straightness +/-
0.10 mm/m
Laser beam accuracy (up) +/-
0.20 mm/m
90° angle accuracy +/-
0.20 mm/m
Measuring range of set receiver
100 m
Measuring range of visible line
20 m
Operating life
20 h
Protection class
IP 54
Tripod connection

Product versions

LA 180 L multi-line laser, 6-piece set

LA 180 L multi-line laser, 6-piece set

LA 180 L multi-line laser, REC 410 Line RF receiver with holder, laser goggles, 2 target plates, hard protective case, 4 x D 1.5 V batteries, 3 x AA 1.5 V batteries
GTIN-13 code4005069180447
Item No.18044


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