Rotation laser

Level large areas precisely. Rotation lasers measure at a very high degree of accuracy and are therefore best suited – in interaction with a receiver – to use at great distances. They offer great functionality and are flexible in their use both inside and out.

LAR 350 Dual Slope Rotating Laser
  • Innovative MOTION CONTROL. Extremely tough thanks to the STABILA PROTECTOR system. Waterproof and dustproof (IP 65). Wide range of functions – 2-axis inclination, section/masking mode, scan, tilt, standby. High-performance receiver – working area diameter of up to 2600 ft, number display for reference deviation in mm, decimal and fractional inches.
LAR 200 Exterior Rotating Laser
  • Self-leveling, servo controled exterior rotating laser. Made in Germany. 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Horizontal/level only. Digital receiver with clamp included. Durable: Takes a 6ft drop. Thick rubber over metal housing. Certified: IP65 - Dust and water proof. Range: 1,800ft./550m Accuracy: +/- 1/8in over 100ft, +/- 0.1mm/m Batteries: 2XD, up to 120hrs. life.
LAPR 150 Res-Con Rotating Laser
  • Self-leveling rotating laser system. Fast self-leveling. 600ft range. Pendulum automatically locks when unit is switched on/off, avoiding transport damage. 90 degree layout beam allows you to establish square over large distances. Quickly change from horizontal/level to vertical/plumb to 90 degree angle and line/scan function. Full kit, nothing elese to buy