Type 70A-2 Levels

Number 1 frame style in Europe. Simple, lightweight and reliable. Excellent value for the dollar.

Lifetime Warranty


Professional builders in Europe use the Type 70-2 as their level of choice. They are light, reliable, accurate and inexpensive. This series of levels is designed for frugal end user customers.

Type 70A-2 Levels

Light aluminium profile – for easy handling. Two vertical vials for quick readings.


  • STABILA Type 70A-2
  • Accurate, lightweight and compact aluminum box level. Fender smooth frame surface.
  • Two plumb vials and one level vial.
  • Coated measuring surface protects delicate surfaces.
  • Easy to clean.
  • STABILA Type 70 levels are manufactured to metric dimensions. All type 70 series frame lengths are soft conversions.
  • Top read vials accurate to 1/32in over 72 inches
  • Accuracy guaranteed for life; Vials will never fog , leak or require adjustment.
  • Protect your investment with a case.
Type 70A-2 Levels

STABILA vial installation technology – Long-term precision Made in Germany.


  • This is STABILA's entry price point series of levels.

Technical data

Measurement accuracy in normal position
±1/32in @ 72in
Measurement accuracy in reverse position
±3/64in @ 72in
Number of measuring surfaces
Smooth rectangular profile
End caps


LengthLength (from–to)EquipmentUPC BarcodeCat. #
24 in 08963422924722924
48 in 08963422948322948