LA 180L Layout Station with Auto Alignment

Use the Layout Station for laying out to 300ft Cut your labor costs by 50% .

2 year Guarantee


Fully automatic, long range layout. Auto alignment allows you to layout square with only one person in just seconds. Layout over ranges above 50ft is a time-consuming and high risk job. When layout errors occur high follow-up costs will be the result. The LA 180 L self-leveling multi-line laser allows you to layout greater than 20ft up to 300ft fast and accurately. The REC 410 Line RF receiver controls the LA 180 L using the STABILA wireless AUTO ALIGNMENT technology. One press of a button and the laser adjusts automatically to the position of the receiver.

LA 180L Layout Station with Auto Alignment

AUTO ALIGNMENT: fully automatic transfer of axes and creation of right angles.


  • Self-levelling multi-line laser for precision layout.
  • AUTO ALIGNMENT function: Receiver automatically controls the positioning of the laser at distances of up to 150ft – fully automatic axis transfer and creation of right angles on floors, walls and ceilings, all at the same time. Precise alignment without losing the reference point.
  • Pulsed laser lines for precise measurements with the receiver (up to 300ft) indoors and outdoors.
  • Versatile: 3 vertical lines, 1 horizontal line and plumb-line function.
  • Extra sharp, easy-to-see lines for fast and efficient work directly on the laser line – visible range up to 100ft indoors.
  • Unique housing shape for positioning in room corners and over edges (e.g. concrete slab) – rapid checking of right angles.
  • 5/8-11 tripod mount.
  • Includes: Laser, receiver with bracket, laser enhancement glasses, magnetic red target cards/plates, batteries, hard shell case.
  • Optional: Rechargeable battery pack, brackets for using the laser with batter boards and forms.
LA 180L Layout Station with Auto Alignment

Functional housing shape – positioning in room corners and over edges (e.g. concrete slab).


  • This is a fast and precise layout tool. It is designed for applications >20ft up to 300ft. Commercial construction, HVAC, masonry, concrete and top end landscape jobs. Drywall construction – suspending ceilings, positioning interior and partition walls within a range of 300ft. Framing - layout wall positions at the push of a button. Quickly establish square, even when the slab or foundation you're working on is out of square. Concrete – Layout forms perfectly straight and square. Optional laser and receiver mounts available for most re-usable forming systems.

Technical data

Laser class
< 1 mW
Laser wavelength
635 nm
Self-levelling range +/-
Levelling accuracy +/-
3/32 in @ 100 ft
Line straightness +/-
1/8 in @ 100 ft
Laser beam accuracy (down) +/-
3/32 in @ 100 ft
Measuring range of set receiver
328 ft
Measuring range of visible point
65 ft
Measuring range of visible line
65 ft
Operating life
20 h
Protection class
IP 54
Tripod connection


LA 180 L multi-line laser, 6-piece set

LA 180 L multi-line laser, 6-piece set

LA 180 L multi-line laser, REC 410 Line RF receiver with holder, laser goggles, 2 target plates, hard protective case, 4 x D 1.5 V batteries, 3 x AA 1.5 V batteries
UPC Barcode089634021803
Cat. #02180


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