Why doesn‘t the bubble touch the lines?

If the bubble touched both of the lines (indicator rings), the level would lose accuracy. The space between the bubble & the indicator rings gives you the ability to compare the gap between the bubble & the rings. Without this space you would have no comparison. Also bubbles expand & contract with temperature variations. It is not prudent to have any part of the bubble on, or worse, behind the rings.

How accurate are STABILA spirit levels?

The accuracy is printed on every level both for the vial up, and vial down readings. This means that they have a guaranteed maximum inaccuracy of .029 degrees, which means plus or minus 1/32“ (in) over 72“ (in). You could get a level that is plus or minus zero (0), dead accurate, but you will never get a level with a runout greater than plus or minus 1/32“ over 72“.

What is the warranty on your levels / lasers?

Please see our “Warranty” section of our website for a detailed explanation.

How do I calibrate my Tech or electronic level?

See our video or instruction manual for details on this.

How can I get replacement end caps for my levels?

Refer to our catalog‘s or website‘s accessories page for model numbers. Then contact a STABILA distributor for price and delivery. They are stock items with most STABILA distributors.